Tous les garçons et les filles de mon âge se promènent dans la rue deux par deux .


My heart is harshly pumping blood, my breath is exhausted. I haven't slept normally in 4 days. My surroundings feel numb and fake, like an old haux. Flüssigkeitsmangel oder allmähliches Verhungern bewirken unter anderem Realitätsverlust.
I was dancing in the rain yesterday. It feels good feeling the sweaty grass among your toes, it makes my sleepy cells laugh.

I was too shy to take a picture of this beautiful window, where the tree showed its bare autumn branches. I was carefully observing the translucent bottles of alcohol on the wall. I would never empty their content, it would make this wonderful reflections disappear. "Another drink please!" It was a smile like that of the Cheshire Cat. Then the bottles disappeared and stars filled my pupils.


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