The eagle lost its feathers, his pride; went bald. again. His skeleton could't fondle the air and so the air got quiet. The airs first thought was: "finally, i'm peaceful." But then the silence drove him mad, and no noise could ever break it. The water stopped having waves, and every creature went mute. They could't stand looking into this great mirror, that reflected their faults and ugliness. From that day on every organism stopped looking at the ocean. And creatures with blue eyes were never looked at, because their eyes reminded the others of this painful liquid surface. The earth started feeling uncomfortable: "There is no point in my existence if I am not being looked at." So he cracked open its core and pushed the lava to the surface, burning down all the water. The creatures looked down in awe after a long time. Most of them saw thick black mud, but the ones with blue iris' saw the sand. It was warm and even, like glass, like their inner world. "Look what happens when you face yourselves", they told the other creatures. But the eagle did not understand. He climbed onto a cliff, and its body strove through the air for the last time. And the air said: "Finally, I'm peaceful."

And as you were, you'll be again 
To mold like clay, to break like dirt 
To tear me up in your sympathy

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