le livre ouvert

One consumes drugs, and the other one gets the intoxication. An intoxication of emotions dancing the Jitterbug. Why the fuck do I have difficulties labeling emotions? Shouldn't I be able to tell the difference between fear and envy, depression and nostalgia, pain and mental illness/happiness/pain?
Poor quality picture.
I visited the University of Ioannina yesterday, it was a quite beautiful, but painful experience. Seeing all those students and knowing that I neither am at uni nor at school makes me feel useless. I really fell in love with the library though. It's the biggest library in Greece. I could live between those book shelves, I would just need a cosy and warm blanket. There is so much knowledge hidden between these dusty pages, I get depressed by the thought of never being capable of gaining all this wisdom.

I will probably visit the Art Festival later this evening, so adiós!

Listening to: Leonard Cohen - By the rivers dark

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