Inside Story

Look at what we did, smog fills the sky and the cars line up at the servo, and I can't help but think to myself this can't be the way it was supposed to go

on the nightly news floods and bushfires, earthquakes and tidal waves, temperatures rising, army's fighting, bombs go off and sirens blaze
we just trying to get by and occupy our spot on the timeline, 
so we change the channel to sex, drugs and violence program for prime time, 
sit back in our chairs as a living room voyeurism, as reality TV turns all of life into a competition

airbrushed magazine pages give us false idols to worship, got us all so depressed, we can't live up to picture perfect,
sometimes I just want to unplug and go back to basics, and I wonder what my story might have been like somewhere else in history's pages.

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